Needles was founded by Keizo Shimizu, a Japanese designer and entrepreneur, in 1988. The brand emerged during a time when Japanese fashion was gaining international recognition for its innovative and avant-garde approach. Keizo Shimizu had a keen interest in vintage clothing, which heavily influenced the aesthetic and ethos of Needles.

Aesthetic and Vision

Needles is renowned for its distinctive and eclectic aesthetic that combines vintage, military, and Americana influences. The brand is particularly known for its "Rebuild by Needles" series, where Shimizu and his team repurpose and reconstruct vintage garments to create entirely new and unique pieces.

Global Influence

While Needles is deeply rooted in Japanese fashion, its designs and influences extend globally. The brand's unique fusion of vintage Americana, military aesthetics, and Japanese craftsmanship has garnered international acclaim, attracting a diverse fan base from around the world.