Mike Amiri, the founder and creative director of the brand, started Amiri in Los Angeles in 2014. Prior to launching his own label, Amiri gained experience in the fashion industry, working with notable brands and developing a passion for creating distinctive and rebellious designs. Inspired by the music and lifestyle of Los Angeles, Amiri set out to establish a brand that captured the essence of contemporary luxury with a rock-inspired twist.

Aesthetic and Vision

Amiri is recognized for its rock 'n' roll-infused aesthetic that merges high-quality craftsmanship with a rebellious and edgy vibe. The brand's vision is rooted in creating pieces that reflect a sense of effortless cool, drawing inspiration from music, art, and the laid-back yet glamorous lifestyle of Los Angeles.

Global Presence

Amiri has expanded its presence globally, with flagship stores and retail partners in major fashion capitals.