OFF-WHITE - 23 Logo Slim Tee Black
OFF-WHITE - 23 Logo Slim Tee Black
OFF-WHITE - 23 Logo Slim Tee Black


OFF-WHITE - 23 Logo Slim Tee Black

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OFF-WHITE  23 Logo Slim Tee Black: Streetwear Minimalism with Iconic Appeal

Make a bold statement with the OFF-WHITE 23 Logo Slim Tee in Black — a minimalistic yet iconic piece that embodies the essence of Virgil Abloh's avant-garde design aesthetic. This slim tee isn't just clothing; it's a canvas for expressing your urban sensibilities with a touch of high-fashion edge.

Signature 23 Logo: The focal point of this tee is the iconic 23 logo, a signature design element by Virgil Abloh. Imprinted with precision on the chest, the logo adds a touch of streetwise charm and brand recognition, making this tee a standout in your streetwear rotation.

Slim Fit Elegance: Designed with a slim fit silhouette, this tee exudes a sense of sleek elegance. The tailored cut enhances your physique while providing a modern and sophisticated look that seamlessly transitions from casual streetwear to more polished ensembles.

Premium Cotton Comfort: Crafted from premium black cotton, the tee offers not only visual appeal but also maximum comfort. The soft and breathable fabric ensures a luxurious feel against your skin, making it a versatile choice for day-to-day wear.


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