OFF-WHITE - Digit Bacchus Over Tee Black
OFF-WHITE - Digit Bacchus Over Tee Black

OFF-WHITE - Digit Bacchus Over Tee Black

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OFF-WHITE Digit Bacchus Over Tee Black: Digital Mastery Meets Streetwear Elegance

Elevate your streetwear game with the OFF-WHITE Digit Bacchus Over Tee in Black — a fusion of digital mastery and streetwise elegance. Virgil Abloh's avant-garde design transforms this tee into a canvas of contemporary expression, making a bold statement in the realm of fashion.

Digital Bacchus Over Graphic: The focal point of this tee is the captivating Digital Bacchus Over graphic, a masterpiece that seamlessly combines classical inspiration with digital innovation. The artistry reflects Virgil Abloh's unique ability to merge contrasting elements, resulting in a graphic that is both captivating and edgy.

Sleek Black Canvas: Drenched in sleek black, this tee exudes an understated elegance with a rebellious twist. The monochromatic palette provides a versatile backdrop, allowing the Digital Bacchus Over graphic to command attention and create a fashion-forward statement.

Premium Cotton Comfort: Crafted from premium cotton, the tee ensures a comfortable fit and a soft touch against the skin. The breathable fabric makes it an ideal choice for everyday wear, providing both style and comfort as you navigate the city streets with confidence.


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