CASABLANCA - Ripped Boucle Polo White
CASABLANCA - Ripped Boucle Polo White

CASABLANCA - Ripped Boucle Polo White

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CASABLANCA - Ripped Boucle Polo White

Unveil a new chapter in your wardrobe with the CASABLANCA Ripped Boucle Polo in White – a distinctive fusion of sophistication and rebellious edge. This polo shirt redefines casual luxury, inviting you to embrace a style that's as unique as it is effortlessly chic.

Crafted from premium materials, the Ripped Boucle Polo boasts a luxurious boucle fabric in pristine white. But here's where it gets exciting – deliberate rips and tears add an unexpected rebellious touch, transforming a classic polo into a bold statement piece that captures the essence of modern style.

Feel the plush texture against your skin as you slip into this meticulously designed polo. The tactile sensation of boucle meets the rebellious spirit of the ripped details, creating an ensemble that's both comfortable and daring.

The iconic Casablanca touch is evident in every stitch, ensuring a tailored fit that flatters your silhouette. The polo collar and button-front add a touch of classic elegance, while the ripped accents inject a dose of contemporary attitude.

Whether you're stepping into a casual day out or aiming to make an impact on the nightlife scene, the CASABLANCA Ripped Boucle Polo in White is your ticket to turning heads. It's not just a shirt; it's a sartorial rebellion, a statement of self-expression that invites you to break free from the ordinary.

Indulge in the unexpected, embrace the rebellion – choose the CASABLANCA Ripped Boucle Polo in White and redefine your style narrative. Because sometimes, fashion is not just about what you wear; it's about the story you tell with every rip and stitch.

Color: White


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