Rick Owens




Rick Owens, born in 1961 in Porterville, California, started his fashion career in Los Angeles. He moved to Paris in 2003, where he established his eponymous label, Rick Owens. His background in fine arts, specifically sculpture, influences his unique approach to fashion design.

Aesthetic and Vision

Rick Owens' designs are characterized by a dark, gothic, and often brutalist aesthetic. His pieces frequently feature asymmetrical silhouettes, oversized proportions, and a monochromatic color palette dominated by shades of black, gray, and earth tones.

Iconic Pieces

Rick Owens is particularly renowned for his avant-garde footwear designs, most notably the "Geobasket" and "Rick Owens x adidas" collaborations. These high-top sneakers have become iconic in the fashion world and are synonymous with Owens' distinctive style.