Ami Paris




Alexandre Mattiussi, a French designer with experience at prestigious fashion houses like Dior and Givenchy, founded AMI with the goal of creating a brand that captures a sense of effortless Parisian style. The name "AMI" is not only Mattiussi's initials but also reflects the French word for "friend," emphasizing the brand's inclusive and friendly approach to fashion.

Aesthetic and Vision

AMI is known for its laid-back and modern aesthetic, blending casual and elegant elements. The brand focuses on creating versatile and timeless pieces that exude a sense of comfort and sophistication. The designs often feature clean lines, minimalistic detailing, and a color palette that ranges from neutral tones to pops of vibrant colors.

Parisian Elegance

AMI captures the essence of Parisian elegance with its contemporary and unpretentious style. The brand's designs often embody the effortless chic that is associated with French fashion, allowing wearers to effortlessly transition from day to night.